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Preamble to the Strategic Plan

Forging our Future, Building from Strength: A Plan for the University of Richmond 

The University of Richmond is a vibrant institution of higher learning where the highest quality scholarly and creative work is produced and shared, and where our commitment to teaching is unparalleled. The complex world into which our students graduate reminds us of the importance of our work together at the University. We are poised to harness our considerable strengths to forge a bold future.

This plan lays out our shared goals for the coming years, a project that will help ensure the University of Richmond’s place as one of the preeminent institutions in the country. The University will be a leader in higher education, preparing students to contribute to, and succeed in, a complex world; producing knowledge to address the world’s problems; and modeling the way that colleges and universities can effectively meet the challenges of our time.

We have many assets on which to build. Our singular combination of schools and educational offerings provides us a unique and enviable position within American higher education. An outstanding faculty who are excellent scholars and teachers, a student body that is high-achieving and purposeful, talented staff members dedicated to supporting the development of students into tomorrow’s leaders, and accomplished alumni are all key members of the University of Richmond’s lifelong learning community. 

Through our prior strategic plan, The Richmond Promise, our community embraced greater diversity, deepened our commitment to educational opportunity, expanded the faculty so all students have a small-class experience, extended a Richmond education into the city of Richmond and beyond, and increased alumni engagement. 

Building on that foundation, we are furthering our commitment to our shared values. These values provide a strong articulation of our beliefs and support the achievement of our aspirations. The University community is committed to building on our remarkable legacy and harnessing our strengths to shape the education of our students and the future of higher education. We will: 

These goals provide direction, and an invitation to our community to forge an ambitious future together. Hundreds of community members have suggested initiatives that can help us reach our aims, and operational plans will be developed to animate those initiatives — or identify better means to accomplish our goals. Our work will be enhanced by a commitment to measuring our success rigorously, sharing that information transparently, reckoning honestly with opportunities and challenges that these assessments reveal, and using that information to improve. Through this plan, and achievement of the goals that we have outlined, the University of Richmond will build on our considerable strengths to forge a bold future and assume a place of leadership among the nation’s premier colleges and universities.