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Steering Committee

President Crutcher appointed a Strategic Plan Steering Committee in December 2015 to support and oversee an inclusive process to develop a strategic plan to guide the University of Richmond for the next five years (2017–2022). Steering Committee members are responsible for seeking input from the University community to inform development of the plan in the initial stages and ensuring that feedback is appropriately reflected in the plan as it develops.

Based on feedback from the University community, the Steering Committee will develop draft mission, values, and vision statements, and propose themes around which the plan will be organized. The Steering Committee will consolidate draft goals and initiatives from the Working Groups into a single plan and help ensure that the community feedback is appropriately reflected in the full plan.


  • Co-chair: Ronald A. Crutcher, President
  • Co-chair: Jan French, President of the Faculty Senate
  • Kenneth S. Anderson, ’17
  • John Barry, VP for Communications
  • Steve Bisese, VP for Student Development
  • Ashleigh Brock, Associate Director, Experiential Learning & Assessment, Alumni and Career Services
  • Tina Cade, AVP for Student Development and Director of Multicultural Affairs
  • Chris Carlson, R’81, URAA Board Member
  • Lisa B. Cheney, SPCS student
  • Stephanie Dupaul, VP for Enrollment Management
  • Jessica Erickson, Professor of Law
  • Keith Gill, Athletic Director
  • Jacque Fetrow, Provost and VP for Academic Affairs*
  • Dave Hale, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
  • Mia Hagerty, '17
  • Amy Howard, AVP for Community Initiatives
  • Crystal Hoyt, Professor of Leadership Studies and Psychology
  • Martha Merritt, Dean of International Education
  • Jim Monks, Professor of Economics
  • Sandra Peart, Dean, Jepson School of Leadership Studies
  • Kevin Pelletier, Associate Professor of English
  • Adrienne Piazza, Associate Director for Student Engagement, Bonner Center for Civic Engagement
  • Diana Reighart, ’16*
  • Greg Rogowski, Trustee, GB’91
  • William Stroud, L’17
  • Ellen Walk, Associate Dean, SPCS, Assistant Professor of Information Systems, Assistant Professor of Management
  • Jonathan Whitaker, Associate Professor of Management
  • Staff to the Committee: Lori Schuyler, VP for Planning and Policy, Chief of Staff

*denotes past member