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Planning Process

Under the guidance of a Steering Committee appointed by President Crutcher, students, staff, faculty, alumni, trustees, and parents came together to create this vision for Richmond’s future. Together, we developed a comprehensive strategic plan that builds authentically on Richmond’s distinctive strengths and imagines ambitiously Richmond’s future.

At each significant juncture in the strategic planning process, the University community provided significant input through meetings with President Crutcher, school and unit conversations about the plan's elements, faculty dialogues about the future of the academic program, staff dialogues, conversations at alumni events, submissions to this website, and responses to calls for feedback on plan drafts.

Hundreds of community members have suggested initiatives that can help us reach our aims, and implementation teams will begin this this summer and fall to develop operational plans to animate those initiatives. Through this plan, and achievement of the goals we have outlined, the University of Richmond will build on our considerable strengths to forge a bold future and assume a place of leadership among the nation’s premier colleges and universities.