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Process Timeline

Fall 2015

In the first phase of the planning period, President Crutcher got to know the University community and began conversations about our challenges and opportunities. In December 2015, the Strategic Plan Steering Committee was appointed and this website launched to invite additional community input.

Winter–Spring 2016

During the spring semester, work was focused on affirmation of shared institutional values and identification of thematic areas for the strategic plan. The Steering Committee invited community feedback and incorporated that into a revised statement of values through an iterative process. Likewise, the Steering Committee sought input from the community to identify key themes around which the strategic plan should be organized — Academic Excellence, Intellectual Community, Access and Affordability, and Thriving and Inclusive Community. Working Groups were named around each of these themes to begin work in late spring.

Spring–Fall 2016

The Working Groups, which will be broadly representative, will work to develop goals and initiatives around the identified themes.

Fall 2016

As drafts from the Working Groups take shape, this website and open meetings will be utilized to continue to share preliminary documents and invite community input. The Working Groups and the Steering Committee will use that feedback to revise and refine drafts.

Winter–Spring 2017

The Steering Committee will weave Working Group drafts into a single draft plan to be shared with the University community. That plan will also be refined based on community feedback. Community endorsements of a final plan for the University will be sought before the end of the spring semester 2017.