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Previous Drafts of Working Group Themes

Academic Excellence
The University will offer an exceptional education to all students, grounded in excellent teaching, active inquiry, student engagement, and significant scholarship and creative work. This education will prepare students to thrive in a variety of settings, connect their education to the local community and broader world, and apply their learning in principled ways for the good of society.

Intellectual Community
The University of Richmond will foster and sustain an intellectual community that promotes broad inquiry, creative exploration, and intellectual risk-taking, connecting curricular, co-curricular, and campus life. It will provide opportunities for all its members to engage in the vigorous and probing exchange of ideas, and to explore their application in the world. The University will support the production of new knowledge and artistic work that enlivens our community and makes a difference in the world. The intellectual community at Richmond will develop in students habits of mind that urge and enable them to ask and answer unscripted questions, engage ethically the complex and rapidly changing world that awaits them, and live an examined life.

Access & Affordability
The University of Richmond will be accessible and welcoming. A Richmond education will be affordable for students. Access to the transformative opportunities that Richmond provides — and likelihood of success in those opportunities — will not be dependent upon wealth or background.

Thriving & Inclusive Community
The University of Richmond will foster and sustain a diverse community that promotes the full participation of all of its members. It will support students’ thriving inside and outside the classroom and will prepare students to flourish in a variety of settings and effectively navigate and contribute to our complex world.