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Stewardship in a Changing World

The University of Richmond will be a leader in innovative practices that sustain our environmental, human, and financial resources.

The future health and vibrancy of the University — like all institutions of higher education — rest on our shared commitment to steward our vital resources: the environment on which we all depend, funds for our needs and aspirations, and the faculty, staff, student, and alumni relationships that form the core of our educational model. Responsible stewardship will enable us to better support our academic aspirations and will enrich our intellectual community. In response to emerging environmental and financial challenges, we will imagine and implement new approaches to our work that support the sustainability of our mission and serve as a model for other institutions.    


  • Complete and implement a Sustainability Strategic Plan to further weave responsible environmental stewardship into the fabric of the University.
  • Become an innovator in developing programs that address the challenges of the current higher education financial model to ensure our commitment to educating academically talented students today and in future generations.
  • Work aggressively to achieve the University’s goals while moving away from an additive model that places stress on the human, environmental, and financial resources of the University.