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Access and Affordability

The University will recruit, retain, and inspire academically talented students from all economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds.

The University of Richmond has a tradition of providing opportunities and assistance to promising students.  Each generation has worked in new ways to extend opportunity and welcome to students from all backgrounds. We will continue to build on that tradition to open doors for students with the potential to excel and contribute to the University, and help families understand clearly the value and affordability of a Richmond education.  


  • Provide leadership as a founding member of the American Talent Initiative, dedicated to expanding the number of talented low- and moderate-income students who enroll at the nation’s top colleges.
  • Explore ways to expand Richmond’s Promise to Virginia (e.g. geographically, student populations served) in order to make a Richmond education accessible to more academically talented students.  
  • Develop a program to identify a cohort of local students for admission to Richmond.
  • Help families more clearly understand the cost and value of a Richmond education from the beginning of the college search process by investigating new approaches to financial aid that can ensure families a maximum that they would have to pay to attend the University based on their income.
  • Develop innovative outreach programs to ensure that the most academically talented students in the world understand the value of a Richmond education and are inspired to apply.